Kaycee Lambrecht

 Whether it was through riding, family events, trail riding through the woods with friends, Day camps or as an instructor, Kaycee has been involved with OutWest since the beginning.  Since she can remember, Kaycee has grown up on or around horses.  Back at home she has three family horses, that she enjoys riding, along with three cows, a blind duck and two dogs.  "I still love riding because the connections you make with a horse are like a secret language that no one else knows."  She has been involved with Ranch Horse Shows, Sorting Leagues, Cattle sorting practices, Ranch Rodeos and Cut'N Sort competitions.  We are looking forward to having her back this summer as one of our instructors as she is full of horse knowledge and enjoys working with the campers.  "Horse camps are fun because you can see many kids connecting to the horses and see the excitement in their eyes every time we hop on!"

Another passion of Kaycee's is Forensic Science and she is currently working towards that major at UND.  During her spare time, she enjoys mind games, puzzles and playing ice hockey.   

OutWest Lessons and Horse Camp