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August: Fair, Leagues and More!

August 15th, 2011

After a busy schedule last week, things are starting to roll right into our Fall schedule…

Last Saturday, August 6th, we had a great turnout at the Wright County Fair for OutWest’s Ranch Cut & Sort Jackpot with over 230 teams competing.   Although it may have been a long night with a short rain delay, the crowd seemed to be into the competition as much as the riders were.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to join us!   Congratulations to our Top 5 teams! 

1st Place Team: Joe Eberhart & Natalie Otto - combined time of 1:26:61

2nd Place Team: Kaitlyn Steffensen & Steve Simenson - combined time of 1:32:95

3rd Place Team: Kirk Hawk & Brian Kruger - combined time of 1:34:57

4th Place Team: Natalie Otto & Mike Steffensen - combination time of 1:34:88

5th Place Team: Susan Polzin & Joel Eberhart - combined time of 1:39:03

Also, this past week on Wednesday, we had our final night of Summer Sorting Leagues.  The Top 3 Riders in each league were awarded prizes with belt buckles going to those who finished with the highest number of points after the six weeks.  Congratulations to all of our riders and we are looking forward to more beautiful weather for our Fall leagues.

6pm Summer League: Mike Kelly - 3rd place, Stacie Regep - 2nd Place, & Tina Gruber - 1st Place

7pm (Pen 1) Summer Sorting League: Lisa Smith - 3rd Place, David Ellis - 1st Place & Steve Simenson - 2nd Place

7pm (Pen 2) Summer Sorting League: Natalie Otto - 2nd Place, Lynn Dahring - 1st Place & Rachel Foss - 3rd Place

8pm Summer Sorting League: Tina Gruber - 1st Place, Brian Kruger - 2nd Place & Stacie Regep - 3rd Place

 Check our web site for other events scheduled in August and this Fall!!


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