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The Ending of another GREAT year at OutWest!

October 21st, 2010

On Saturday, October 9th OutWest hosted one last Fall Jackpot to top off the ending to our 2010 season.  With the weather being beautiful and HOT, we had just under 100 teams come out to try their chance at the Jackpot.  We would like to Thank everyone who was able to attend and send out another CONGRATULATIONS to our top 5 teams of the day: 

  1st Place Team – Jade Kampsen & Brandon Arndt, with a combined time of 1:19:27 

  2nd Place Team – Maynard Arndt & Brandon Arndt, with a combined time of 1:25:29 

  3rd Place Team – Susan Polzin & Dennis Polzin, with a combined time of 1:28:27 

 4th Place Team – Larry Smith & Dennis Polzin, with a combined time of 1:28:58 (draw team) 

  5th Place Team – Brandon Arndt & Melissa Nash, with a combined time of 1:29:15  

Also, last Wednesday evening, October 13th, we offically ended the 2010 season with our last night of our Fall Sorting Leagues.  It was a tight race for some of the placings leading into Week 7 and we could not have asked for a better night to end on.  The weather has been pretty good for our Wednesday night leagues and yesterday was no exception.   The results for the Fall leagues are posted on our Events page, but below are the top winners for each league:   

6pm Fall League Winners: Joe White, 40 pts - 3rd Place; Lloyd & Melissa Christenson; Natalie Otto, 45.5 pts - 1st Place; Tammy Graham, 41 pts - 2nd Place

7pm Fall League Winners: Jamie Laine, 36 pts - 3rd Place, Pen 2; Missie Schwartz, 39 pts - 2nd Place, Pen 2; Mike Olsen, 49 pts - 1st Place, Pen 2; Lloyd Christenson; Paul Grosser, 51 pts - 1st Place, Pen 1; Sarah White, 26 pts - 3rd Place, Pen 1; Brian Backstrom, 37.5 pts - 2nd Place (not pictured)

8pm Fall League Winners: Natalie Otto, 29 pts - 2nd Place; Tammy Graham, 28 pts - 3rd Place; Lloyd Christenson; Joe White, 47 pts - 1st Place

We really want to THANK everyone who participated in our leagues this season.  We had a great bunch out here every Wednesday night. 

Check back this winter for updates on our 2011 Event Calendar!  See you next season!

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